Hiring a good HVAC company can be rather stressful. There are so many companies out there about air conditioning repair. Many of them claiming to be something they are not. There’s an easier way to cut through all of this fuss. Take a look at these ten tips. Use this as check point for all future HVAC appointments.

1) Take a look at all the companies that are in your area and in your state. Read up on the licenses required. Read up on the insurances. Find out which companies require what. Find out how much the company is covered under the insurance. Find out how much of it you will be responsible for personally. This will help you to narrow down your choices more easily and with less stressful.

2) Ask for referrals. Yes, this tip does get brought up a lot. It does need to be mentioned, especially if this is your first time doing this. Referrals are a good way to find who is being legit and who is not.

3) Call the people on the referral list. Find out if a past job was done right and under budget. Past clients will not lie. They will be honest with you. Take advantage of this honesty and know the truth about who you are doing business with.

hvac4) Look for those who offer the special energy star deals. These energy star stickers are usually found on the products themselves. If you buy one of these, they won’t need much repair at all. This is how much of a guarantee they are. Companies like this also offer special deals every so often. They do this for their most valued customers. This is one sign you are doing business with someone who is good and reputable.

5) Depending on what company go with, there are usually special deals for first time customers. I am not saying you should use this as your deciding factor. What I am saying is that it’s worth the look. Now, will some do this just to get a customer? Yes. Most of the time though they are being genuine here. It’s usually for a small percentage. It’s worth it though. It will help cut down the costs, especially when you are in a bind. How can you argue with getting an extra $15 off the price for a repair job or replacement?